Compassion in World Farming

Leah Garcés is president of Mercy For Animals and author of Grilled: Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry. She has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the animal protection movement and has partnered with some of the world’s largest food companies on her mission to build a better food system.


Leah oversaw international campaigns in 14 countries at the World Society for the Protection of Animals and launched Compassion in World Farming in the United States. Her work has been featured by national and international media outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, VICE, and the Chicago Tribune. Leah holds a master of science in environment and development from King’s College London and has presented at global forums, including TEDx, RIO+10, and the World Health Organization’s Global Forum for Health Research.


Leah is the first female and Latinx president of Mercy For Animals. Half Colombian and half American, she has lived in Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She now lives with her husband, three kids, and cat in Atlanta, Georgia. Leah is particularly passionate about mindful leadership, rural economic development, and social justice.


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